Are you searching to buy a quality vehicle with a price that you could afford? Here at Neighborhood Autos, we strive to keep our customers informed throughout their car buying experience. If for some reason we miss a step, we want our customers to feel comfortable enough to ask any question that arises. In fact, we want everyone to always ask 3 important questions while they are in the market to purchase a car such as:

  1. Can I test drive the vehicle?

Here at Neighborhood Autos, we allow the customer to test drive a vehicle to ensure that the car fits their needs. However, we also recommend that during the test drive you pay attention to a few things that could easily be forgotten.

For example, once you start the vehicle, ensure that the airbag, check engine, and break lights come on but that they disappear after a few seconds. If for some reason, the check engine light stays on, that could indicate a problem. After you have ensured that the radio works in the vehicle, turn the radio off. This will allow you to listen to every single noise that the vehicle makes during your test drive. Test the car to ensure that it drives straight and then come to a complete stop. If your brakes feel shaky or the car fails to stop correctly, notify your salesperson as it could indicate some issues.

Although these are only a few tips, they can be extremely important during your search for the perfect vehicle for you. However, we want to give you the freedom to test drive the vehicle and ensure that it feels right to you. Along with test drives, we also provide a free Carfax report with every vehicle that we sale, which brings us to the next question that we suggest you ask.

  1. Does the car come with a Carfax report?

Every vehicle that we sale will come with a Carfax report. Nonetheless, importance lays not only one receiving a Carfax but looking out for certain items as well. Specifically, we recommend that you look at the number of owners, accidents/damage reports, open recalls, type of ownership, and the last reported odometer reading. Checking these items on a Carfax report could help you purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle that fits your needs and your budget.

  1. When you’ve purchased the vehicle, make sure to ask about all of the features.

With the technology constantly changing in vehicles, having an up-to-date demonstration on the features allows you to maximize the use of your car.

We want you to be at ease with the car buying process here at Neighborhood Autos, although we strive to have the questions answered, please do not hesitate to ask any questions throughout your car buying process. You could even “Like” us on Facebook and ask us a question online. We are available to help answer any questions that arise at our eight locations as well. Remember, you can find a Neighborhood Autos near you in Azle, Bridgeport, Decatur, Denton, Gainesville, Lewisville, Sanger, and Watauga. We hope to see you soon!