Driving around our eight Neighborhood Autos locations, you may have noticed one thing in common, road construction zones. Construction zones are signs that safer and better roads are ahead of us. In the meantime, we thought we would give five steps to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, workers, and the overall community during road construction.

Notice All Signs

One of the most crucial aspects to driving safely in a construction zone is to pay attention to all road signs. The road signs are usually ahead of the construction zone, throughout the area and signal the end of the road construction zone to inform drivers. You may see various signs such as how far ahead roadwork is, the speed limit (this is not a suggestion), the type of road construction, if there are any dips or issues with the road, and/or information on closed lanes. These are just a few types of signs but should be acknowledged and looked for while driving.


Patience is an overall must while driving through construction areas. Patience brings slower driving while paying attention to construction workers, signs, and other vehicles around the driver. If a driver begins to show erratic or strong emotions, poor driving and bad decisions are bound to occur. A calm temper will result in more courteous driving such as allowing more room between vehicles and slower rates of speed.

Pass with Care

When construction zones reduce lanes and/or traffic is almost at a standstill, avoid attempting to pass through the median or the shoulder. Although it may seem like the best option to pass, the dangers that come along with this are higher due to vehicles not expected on the shoulder or medians. Practice patience by staying in the designated lane(s) and following all traffic rules/laws.

Think Quickly

Road signs will most likely display a closure quite a few feet ahead of the actual closure so make sure to pay attention to the signs and merge over as quickly and safely as possible. Merging over quickly and safely will ensure that traffic remains at a safe pace. In addition, a nice tip is for the driver to allow late-merging drivers to enter before you.

Remove Distractions

Distracted driving can range from three types such as manual, visual, or cognitive. Manual distracted driving are those where you are utilizing your hands for something other than keeping your hands on the wheel. Visual distracted driving involves having your eyes away from the road in front of you, which may cause the driver to miss the road construction signs ahead. Finally, cognitive distracted driving is the drivers mind not focused on the task of driving itself. Removing any of the three types of distractions will allow the driver to stay focused on the road and any construction road ahead.

Ultimately, construction zones are safer when traveled slower and patiently. We suggest an earlier leave time than normal to allow for extra drive time through the construction zones around town. Although Work Zone Safety Awareness is April 11 through April 15, we believe safe construction zone driving needs a few reminders throughout the year. We want to ensure the safety of drivers and workers throughout the entire year when driving to or from one of our eight Neighborhood Autos locations. We offer Buy Here Pay Here options for the following Locations: Azle, Bridgeport, Decatur, Denton, Gainsville, Lewisville, Sanger, and Watuaga across North Texas.