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Purchase Checklist when buying from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

Purchasing a car is one of the largest purchases you may make and you should comparison shop. You depend on affordable transportation to get you to work, get your children to school or activities and to run errands each week.

When asking friends for a recommendation ask:

  • Would you refer a friend to this dealership?
  • Did you feel comfortable with the salesman, facilities and transaction?
  • Did the salesman follow-up and check on whether you were satisfied with your purchase?
  • Was your warranty honored?

Before you enter into an agreement look for these things:

  • When you look at the lot and the cars, are you comfortable with what you see?
  • Is the size and type of vehicle appropriate for your needs?
  • Is the buyer’s guide posted on the car?
  • Does the car include a warranty or a service contract with purchase?
  • Does the dealership offer on-site service and if not, ask how they will take care of your warranty and contract service work?
  • Do you clearly understand the price of the car, any add-ons, interest rate and length of the contract?
  • Does the salesman answer all your questions?
  • Do you get to test drive the vehicle?
  • Does the dealership have a good reputation in the community?
  • Does the dealer provide an authorization for you to sign in order to pull your credit history?
  • Does the salesman make it clear how much the down payment is and tell you when it is due?
  • Can you afford the payments?
  • Does the dealer schedule payments for when you have the money?

Before completing the sale, ask yourself:

  • Are all the documents explained to your satisfaction?
  • Do you understand the value you will be receiving for your trade-in?
  • Are you comfortable with the amount of the payment and when it needs to be made?
  • Do you understand your payment options including pay at the dealership, pay by phone, or automatic payment from your bank account?
  • Did the salesman explain how to operate all the systems in the car?
  • Has the dealer explained what type of insurance you need to maintain during the life of the vehicle’s contract?

After you are comfortable with the answers to these questions, you should be able to determine which dealer offers you the best value, and who believe you trust to start building a long-term relationship.

The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), founded in 1946.

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