We know it may only be fall in North Texas but cooler weather is coming and we want to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Driving can be even more stressful and dangerous when a vehicle has not been properly winterize, especially in north Texas when we drive in the morning with the sun shining and by evening hours we all have to drive cautiously because of the sleet/snow mixture that is falling on the roadways.

We want to provide you with a general checklist of items to do/get before winter hits.

  1. Check Battery and Charging System for optimum performance

Cold weather is harsh on batteries and a once over of the battery and cables could prove beneficial throughout the colder winter months.

  1. Clean, Flush, and put new antifreeze in the cooling system

Generally, this should be done every two years, but we recommend that you refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the proper coolant levels in your vehicle.

  1. Make sure heaters, defrosters, and wipers work properly

Wiper Blades should be replaced every six months, generally since they deteriorate rapidly after a year. The most important rule is to get them changed before you really need them.

  1. Check the tire tread depth and tire pressure

This should be done as general road safety precautions but with sleet and snow we recommend that your tires be properly inflated and safe tread depth.

  1. Check your exterior lights, interior lights, and headlights are working and aimed properly.

You should check the lights regularly as a general road safety precaution.

  1. Stock emergency equipment in your vehicle.

Stocking an emergency kit in your vehicle, allows you to be prepared for any situation that could transform between sunshine in the morning and iced up roads in the evening.

Some items that a driver could include in her/his vehicle could be blankets, flares, window scraper, extra antifreeze, tire chains, water bottles, snacks, etc.

*Additional tip, keep a ‘vehicle maintenance journal’ so you can keep track of what you have/have not had serviced along with dates, prices, and receipts.

As winter weather approaches, we want everyone to be safe on the roads. If you are looking for a newer vehicle as colder weather begins, we are here for you! Stop by any of the eight Neighborhood Autos locations in the North Texas area or check out our inventory at